Driving Lessons in Calgary

Driving lessons in Calgary may mean many different things, depending on your level of driving experience. This article breaks down the reasons you may wish to consider driving lessons in detail.

Road Conditions in Calgary
Calgarians have a saying: "If you don’t like the weather wait ten minutes".
Calgary weather patterns have been known to change without warning. Driving in these unpredictable conditions may prove to be challenging without knowledge and experience. Driving lessons in Calgary are ideal.

If you’re a newcomer to Canada or just learning how to drive for the first time, driving lessons may be a good idea. Peaceful summers in Calgary may make perfect driving conditions until the long harsh winter season begins.

That’s when you may run into difficulty. Driving in -35°C to –50°C (-31°F -58°F) conditions can be a challenging and difficult experience.

Driving lessons in the Calgary winter months is highly beneficial to prepare you for this. Calgary summers also presents their own unique set of challenges, including an increase of pedestrians and construction zones.

Why Should I get Calgary driving lessons?

Taking Calgary driving lessons can provide you with experience and training in what to do in emergency winter situations such as:

Insurance Discount

Insurance discounts are usually the main reason for someone to obtain driving lessons in Calgary.

In Alberta in particular, driving lessons from a provincially approved driving school can give you an insurance discount of approximately 10%. The cost associated with these insurance reduction driving lessons are usually around $500.00 - $600.00 dollars.

This initial cost of driving lessons will save you money over time and eventually you are paid back the money you spent on driving lessons plus more.

Parents usually enroll their teenagers into driving lessons because of the discount. Young drivers are prone to have higher insurance rates to begin with. Once completed, the driving lesson certificate can help minimize the already high cost of insurance for your now mobile teenaged son or daughter.

New drivers of any age or newcomers with no winter driving experience also qualify for the insurance discount once you’ve completed the driving lessons. Alberta Driver Education & Training is a driving school that provides certified driving lessons at an affordable rate.
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